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Culture and Traditions of Gran Canaria

June 6, 2010 by Travel Guide Gran Canaria  
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The culture and traditions of Gran Canaria are unlike that of any other island or tropical culture. The culture and traditions of this island can still be seen today through the architecture, rituals, events and festivals that take place throughout the cities and towns stretching across the island. In many ways this island is a melting pot of different cultures since so many travelers have visited and settled on the island.

The culture and traditions of Gran Canaria are well preserved thanks to the strength and character of the locals of the island. While still accepting of new cultures that are different from their own there is still a very solid devotion to the native ways. A large part of the culture is Hispanic in origins due to the Spaniards taking over the island in the 15th century.

Many of the traditions in Gran Canaria revolve around religious or historical events where celebrations and festivals are used to commemorate them. In relation to its small size, Gran Canaria has a vast array of rich cultures and archeological and architectural heritage making it a truly unique place.

If you plan on visiting or traveling to Gran Canaria keep in mind it’s easy to run into a festival or event taking place since they happen virtually every month of the year. Some of these celebrations only take place in central locations like cities or small towns while others are celebrated across the entire island.

The culture and traditions of Gran Canaria are a great way to learn more about the island and its people.

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